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Knitted jacket warm and keep out the cold

Beautiful depths of winter is filled with romantic to choose soft lotus leaf decorative details, let a woman dancing in this season. Waves cold snap, even in the sunny west coast, or can not stop blowing of winter. The stars too Down too bloated, windbreaker, coat and enough casual so thick knit cardigans to become an excellent choice. Whether the cold winter, warm and pleasant spring, are the very high rate of appearance of a single product. Large circle of coarse flesh-colored flesh-colored coarse knit cardigan knitted cardigan pendulum design, to remove buttons warm function declined, plus a thick scarf, this problem is solved, but also add to the overall layering. A black bottoming out, accompanied by a large knitted wool jacket, the same no color line dress, just gently belt fastened casual feel very comfortable. Sweaters seem to change very little, but it confused hair coat like fabric dyeing pattern, collar, pockets and cuffs pattern is not unique to wear this sweater in the winter on the streets is absolutely eye-catching. Gray jacket mix and match ultra-thin T-shirt, and immediately enhance the originally simple and elegant fashion sense simple jacket style, golden bag is definitely eye-catching decoration. Few large knitted jacket buttoned good people, plus a belt also interesting new jacket as if transformed into a large wool skirt plus feet pants and boat shoes very stylish. This jacket is very exaggerated bat sleeve design, feel useful shawls. Of course, the lower body is necessary to balance with a tight-fitting dress, beige pair of ankle boots is the most dazzling. Plaid shirt dress and the long-barreled casual boots, full of shopping and leisure dress, thick knitted cotton jacket, not fashionable but warm index must. Within the long outer clothing with short dress is very popular this year, short sleeves knitted jacket, plaid shirt outside wear in the transfiguration, casual design and fringed boots perfect echo. Gray knitted jacket exquisite woven to attract people's attention, increase design it has become something of a big coat to create a casual feel, the plains of the high boots is also a good choice for shopping. In comparison, long sweaters great design sense, skirts, because the weight of the fabric randomly drawn to naturally lazy. Inside miniskirt with a balanced feeling of treading, some limitations of this style, it would look nice to be tall figure wearing.

18.9.12 09:51

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